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Product Review Plugin PRO Add-on

WP Product Review PRO  is a plugin designed to enhance your existing website with awesome review functions, please note that the PRO version is just an add-on, which means that the free version is also required.

With WP Product Review you can easily turn your basic posts into in-depth reviews with ratings, pros and cons and affiliate links, with the PRO version you can easily preload info from existing posts.For questions, comments, or feature requests, contact us!


  • Jim Harmer says:

    I’d be HAPPY to pay for a pro version of this plugin. I LOVE the way it looks and works. But the only feature I see on the pro version that isn’t available on the free version is that you can preload features.

    Is that correct, or am I missing something?

    • Ionut says:

      Hi Jim,

      You are correct, but you are missing a big point here : By buying the pro version you are also supporting the free version, obviously if the plugin will sell 100 times this month, we can allocate more time, improve the plugin, add new features etc, but if the plugin sell 1 time, we will probably leave it as it is, since we can’t really work for free :) .

  • Daria says:

    Can you also add an Ebay buy now button so I can use both amazon and ebay.

  • Eric Seale says:

    Another feature request — at least for the Pro version. Amazon only supports affiliates in some states (ones that don’t want to use affiliates as a reason to charge Amazon sales tax). Could the affiliate button be changed to be vendor-agnostic? It’d like to use it for affiliate links to B&H, Adorama, etc. Thanks!

  • One feature that would be great is multiple buy buttons. My site reviews mobile apps and there are a few cases when an android version and an iPhone version is available, but I am only able to link to one.

    Multiple buttons would be worth upgrading for :)

  • Ron Snell says:

    I have installed this three times and all I get when I click on Product Review in the left sidebar menu of the admin panel is a page to select a few options, and that page is somewhat scrambled. I don’t know how to set it up, where to put it, if there are shortcodes, etc. The reviews look great, the features look great, and I’ll happily buy the Pro version, but I have to have some documentation to get me started, and some clue how to make the free version do anything before I pay for the Pro. It could surely be my fault as I am on a steep learning curve, but I’ve used many other plugins successfully on my site, so I’m not a total newbie.

  • Rajesh says:

    Is it possible to add more rating parameter fields, at present there are only 5

  • Olivier says:

    Wonderfull. Would buy the pro-version if :
    Could add thumbnail in the widget. More fun !
    It seems I also check some “misunderstanding” with others plugins using ajax :
    Best wishes !

  • Justin says:

    I wouldn’t mind supporting & buying the pro version, but can this be done from within the plugin itself? Or would it mean having to remove & re-install plugin once you have purchased the Pro version?

    I already have a couple of review tables in posts so wouldn’t want to loose them so to speak.
    Make it easier for people to upgrade within their dashboard & I’m sure you’ll get tons more support :)

    • Ionut says:

      HI Justin,

      The PRO version is just an add-on, so you don’t need to remove the free one and nothing will be affected.

  • Olivier says:

    I forgot … maybe one more field for the PRICE of the product !

  • Mathias B says:

    Ive installed the Free Edition but im looking Forward to buy the Premium Version but i Need 10 Points to rate not only 5 is it possible to add more to get a Rating 10 out of 10 instead 5 out of 5? :)

  • Rafi says:

    I would totally buy this, if you could import Data from Amazon via the Plugin. Just adding a preloadfunction is not worth buying imho :/

  • Schrank says:

    is there a widget for the last reviews?
    Same Design like the Top Widget but only for newest Reviews.

  • leon says:

    Does the plugin support google snippers?

  • Thomas says:


    How can i change “Pros” and “Cons” to something else, like swedish words instead ?

    If that is possible i would love to buy it.

  • gandharv says:

    Hello i was thinking of buying the pro version but the basic version is not working on my website that has the premium theme (COMPARE by themeforest)
    could you solve the issue ?
    so that i can move on to get the pro version

  • Calvin says:

    hi Ionut,
    I really like your plug-in. It would be nice if you can include a User Score which is the average of all the users’ scores like Explicit theme from Industrial. And also, can you expand the number of items to be rated to more than 5.


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