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Done for you Amazon affiliate sites.

What are they?
Why not build your own?
Are they economical?
How does it work?

What are done for you sites?

Built for you sites typically include a few components:

  • Pre-researched niche
  • Fully provisioned WordPress
  • Content package
  • On-page SEO

— Pre-Researched Niches

Niche research is, of course, the critical first step that sets the course for your affiliate site. I love all things photography. Worked with 20x24″ film to medium format digital backs. Worked in darkrooms and made platinum/palladium hand coated prints Would I consider starting a generic photography site? A Nikon/Canon DSLR site? No. It is just too broad. I have no institutional backing. No media and creative dedicated staff. Most importantly, my new site does not have the content assets or longevity of hundreds of existing sites. The other extreme is you can get too specific. Though this is actually less likely. Having a site just for just film-based Holga cameras would have too few monthly searches to be able to monetize. I would do keyword research on topics like wide-angle photography lens, best portrait lens and cameras, Zeiss lens for Canon and Nikon, etc. I would be looking for keywords with 2-20,000 monthly searches.

A done-for-you site would have done this type of research in advance. In our case, we also will do custom niche research for you. Here is a list of our current niches to give you an idea of granularity.

built-for-you pre-selected Niche


— Fully Provisioned WordPress

WordPress has so many options, plugins and themes to chose from it can be intimidating. Plugins can conflict. Configuration settings can be finicky. With a built-for-you site, you get access to all of the plugins that we develop, like Prosociate and ReadyTables. You also get access to plugins like EasyAzon via our developer license. These bundled premium plugins are big savings. We prefer Divi for our themes. It is very newbie friendly and easy to work with it. It is a premium theme that you get bundled via our developer license. More savings. To get an idea of how to provision, check out our guide to setting up WordPress for affiliate marketing.

— Content Package

Each plan has a content package. From 5000 – 15,000 words of SEO targeted content. Not only do you get your initial content but you now have templates and models to follow as you add more content.
We have three content options:


— On-page SEO

On-page SEO is critical to being found by Google. We use a rigorous SEO checklist to be sure we have made your content as Google and keyword aware as possible. But we also know how to not overdue. When too many keywords is stuffing etc. Check out our on-page SEO guide and checklist.

done-for-you affiliate site on-page seo


Build or Buy

With pre-made or done for you niches you are making a build or buy decision. Build it yourself or contract a specialist to build it. Or even just purchase a completed and aged site.

— Build advantages:

  • Exactly what you want – If you can imagine if you can do it. WordPress can be adapted to most any design or application
  • Total Control – You have c-panel or other hosting interfaces as well as WordPress backend access. Cron jobs, backups, php.ini and other modifications are in your control.
  • Learning experience – If you plan to have multiple sites. The experience of building this site will be transferable.
  • Future maintenance – If you built it you will have the knowledge to maintain it.

— Build disadvantages:

  • Overwhelming: Even after years and years of content management and WordPress experience, We learn new things every week. There are a lot of moving parts. Hosting, Linux, Cpanel, FTP, WordPress, CDN, Plugins, Themes, etc. Yes, you CAN learn all these things. But is that your best use of time.
  • Distracting: Who is working on content, audience, marketing, SEO, backlinks while you are doing the technical tasks.
  • Easily Outsourced: Technical, setup, even content can easily be outsourced.
  • Risk of abandonment: We have seen this often. You spend so much time on the Hosting, WordPress, affiliate plugins, SEO tools – your projects never gets completed. You have no energy left for the content and marketing.

— Buy advantages:

  • Inertia – When you order a built-for-you site you have taken action. You have put wheels in motion to get your online business launched. No more talking, planning and researching. Just doing!
  • Focus – Let’s you focus on visitors, content marketing, affiliate partners, e-mail lists and other revenue-generating activities.
  • Business – You are treating your venture as a business. You are focusing your energy on the revenue/income side. Not the backend bits and bytes.

— Buy disadvantages:

Up-front costs are the primary downside. If you are totally bootstrapping your project then you will, of course, need to go the build-it route. This is not necessarily cheaper though. But your expenses (and revenue opportunities) will be spread over a longer timeframe.


— Is Build-it Cheaper?

You might assume that building your own site is always cheaper. Certainly, you can use all free tools and write all your own content. This will be cheaper. Realistically though, you will need/want some premium tools. Like SEO research tools and Amazon affilaite plugins. You will want a premium theme. You may purchase a training course. You will want a designer to help with things. You will need to pay an engineer when you run into trouble. These things ad up. A typical project might look like this:

Research ……….. $200
Hosting ………1yr $150
Divi …………………. $90
EasyAzon ………… $50
Plugins ………….. $250
Designer ………… $500
10k words content …..$750
total ……..$2040

That’s with no mistakes or false starts!

Many people fall prey to shiny object syndrome (I certainly have in the past). The newest tool, technique, theme, training etc. Many of these things are valuable, but often they are distractions to completion.

How do built for you sites work?

Part of the appeal is the ease of deployment of done for you sites.

Nich Selection

Finding the perfect niche is key. We have preselected a number of niches and have full research to get you started. We find your Goldilocks niche not too big, not too small. If you have your own niche, great!


Content is King. Yes, a cliche but “truth”. We will write great keyword-rich content for you that will attract visitors. We will create a mix of information and review posts and provide an editorial calendar for future articles.

Develop Site

While your content is being written we will build a custom site using our proven methods. Perfect on-page SEO to get you the best rankings. We provide premium themes and plugins that would cost you hundreds of dollars. We provide high-speed SSD VPS hosting.


When we are completed we don’t just hand over the site. We provide ongoing training and support. The key is to keep building your site, bit by bit. Create an audience. Create and find great things for them.

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