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Tweet about your old posts to get more hits for them and keep them alive.

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Tweet Old Post is a plugin designed to tweet your older posts to get more traffic.

This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by tweeting about them and driving more traffic to them from twitter. It also helps you to promote your content. You can set time and no of tweets to post to drive more traffic.For questions, comments, or feature requests, contact us!

Choose the time between tweets.

If you promote Amazon products on your website, you know that link creation can sometimes be a pain. You have to sign in to Amazon, search for your product, click on "Link to this page", select link type, creat anchor text, copy html and then go and paste into your post. This can be very time consuming if you have lots of products you are linking to.

Ready Links allows you to create links right in your dashboard. In fact, you'll never have to leave your site in order to find the product or link you need. With the option to insert text links and image links into your post, everything you need will be within your WordPress dashboard.

Choose the number of tweets to Tweet.

Outsourcing content creation can be a very effective strategy if you own a blog or any other type of website. However, if you want to include affiliate links within your post, you'll either have to supply them or allow your outsourcer to log into your Amazon account.

With Ready Links, your writer will be able to create links while writing a post without ever leaving the page. This will keep your Amazon account safe and secure and get your post written with targeted links just the same.

Include links back to your site.

Spending all your time doing tedious tasks is a great way to see your business fail. Plugins are made to make your life easier and Ready Links does just that. It helps you create quality content with targeted affiliate links quickly.

If you want to improve your business, Ready Links can help streamline your Amazon affiliate marketing efforts.

It's easy to use, requires no coding and can be used with any type of WordPress site. Focus on the nuts and bolts of your business and leave the time consuming tasks to Ready Links.